Breaking All The Rules

Incredibly fun talk from Martin Kleppe on writting javascript with just six different characters, a tetris implementation that short enough to tweet, some other amazing code golf and best of all: a javascript 3D spinning globe in under 1k.

An awesome display of what ‘knowing the rules’ and a strong german accent makes you capable of.

Thanks @stereobit for sharing

Alternative Sublime Text Icon

I absolute love Sublime Text. Everything about it besides the icon – and it seems I’m not the only one either.

After a bunch of attempts I finally got this:

To install it, just right click on the Sublime App & “Get Info”. Then drag and drop the downloaded .icns file onto the default icon/orange-amazingness that’s there allready.

Download It (OSX only for now).

Flash Messages for Express

Not that the world needed yet another flash message module/thing for Express (> 3.0) but I wanted a difference interface and something a bit more configurable.

It works by just passing your messages back and forth in the request/response — pretty much like all the others. It currently supports custom flash message types and lets you specify a namespace you want to use.

// NPM install flasher
var flasher = require('flasher');

// Set it up
    namespace : 'flash',
    types : ['error', 'notice', 'success']

// Do this to add messages to a req/res
req.flash.error('This is your message.');

// Each message type becomes function of your namespace.
// Also - we take arrays too.
req.flash.notice(["Well done you.", "You are using IE6, we hate you."]);

Haven’t used this on anything big yet so let me know if you have any performance issues. Seems pretty ok for now.

More docs on github/npm.

Checkout Flasher on Github

Hello World

I’ve started a blog many times.

Every time, again and again, in the pursuit of the perfect design, the perfect structure, the perfect first post. Ironically trying to find just the right spacing and sizing for 5 levels of headers or the perfect style of <hr> each time (both of which I never end up using).

I’ve worked for months trying to build the perfect internet home only to never actually want to call it ‘mine’ for longer than a couple of weeks.

This fresh attempt at a blog then, had to be different - The idea: treat this like any other product. Make the first version as simple as possible, add features and iterate as needed & not speculatively (I haven’t even set-up pagination yet), try stuff out and finally: don’t ever think of it as done - it’s just not.

Enough insisting this needs to be perfect before seeing the light of day while at the same time preaching all that is lean everywhere else.

Here goes nothing: another attempt at persevering. And this time, before giving up, I might just try adding that magical “beta” label and see if I can get over myself for once.