npm install cookiecutter

While transitioning our main website to React & creating our design system at Lyst, I continuously kept hearing some variation of "we should setup Yeoman to make new components/containers/etc.". Maybe because Yeoman is quite complex to initially set-up or perhaps just because it's so powerful that the docs can be quite intimidating: nothing. ever. happened.


I built a thing 🍪 ✂️

Cookiecutter is a CLI for creating boilerplate files/folders based on templates you provide. It's kind of like Python's Cookiecutter but much, much simpler.

you can install via npm: npm install cookiecutter

Check out the docs on github.

Cookiecutter Example
Example usage of cookiecutter in one of our repos

👍 Cookiecutter supports:

👎 Cookiecutter doesn't support:

Try it out

Find out more about how to configure cookiecutter etc. on Github:


Any feedback?

Would love to know what you think. Just open an issue or find me on twitter.